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upper playground has a killer contest going on! who wouldnt wanna take a trip to brazil?!!? enter for a chance to win here

a couple new cops. who can pass up $5 fitteds? not this guy. ubiq has a sale going on.

yay! the widget that i and bunch of folks over at work have been working on is finally live! go to your pandora profile and add it to your blog/myspace/facebook/whatver!!! i added mine off the side there, seeeeeeeeeeeee?

ganyan just sent me the flyer for the heavy hitterz show over @ art whino gallery in MD. the lineup is killer!!! i get to be in a show with pottsy again too! thats mr. potts to you tho. click the image to see a bigger version.

mu ah ah. gonna try and make this when im in NYC. alife clearance sale. im sure it’ll go quick.

found this while browsing the twitters. how nice of them! thanks artisticthings.com!!!

what the?! a life-size gundam is being built in tokyo?! what chaos is this?! im not super huge into anime. i pretty much dont watch/read it, except for the stales of course, but this is pretty damn impressive! read more here

unfortunately i add some new fitteds to my grail. keep an eye out for me! jack me some caps!!! hehe.

im out folks! on a plane to NYC tomorrow! if you’re in NYC come out to the sneaker pimps tour stop in NYC at terminal 5 and say what up!!! if not, see you next week with tons o tons o pics from the NY. hats will be bought. oh yes. hats will be bought.

im am ridiculously excited about these new johnny cupcakes fitteds. look at them! fuckin sick!!! not only did they pick some fuckin CHOICE material for the fall drops, ive always thought their logo was killer! i cannot wait for these. im gonna try to cop them all when they’re out.

new bloc 28 release. these are getting better but for some reason they still look kinda cheesy to me. like the marvel fitteds.

here’s a pretty dope outcome to a dope collabo and first time fitted. el mercado x elm company. the graphic and colorways are pretty dope. check them out at el mercado’s online store. should be available soon.

acapulco gold kills it again with some timeless material. ofcourse they have another fitted for home with their “BK” fitted. chicago seriously needs to have some “chicago’d” out fitteds. but i digress. then they have the next fitted which could be an “A”or a “G” depending on how you look at it. last, there is the ” BRONX AG” with what i think is a silk camo underbill. how dope is that? all available now at run my game. get them while you still can.

yote city has some new fitteds out in some colorways you might enjoy. reminds me of cookie crisps

amongst friends adds a couple more different fitteds to their summer drops. if you want these at this very moment, you can head over to reedspace cause they got’em.

rebel 8 just gave a sneak peek at their “oilskin” fitteds. HOT. Made from the same imported oiled cotton as Barbour jackets, these waterproof New Eras only get better with time. Lined with a lightweight tartan flannel and have metallic gold embroidery on the back. They’ll be available in dark grey and classic green. i’ll take both please. these are gonna fly!!!!

not fitteds. i know. back off son. if you’re a hat snob and dont like looking at non-fitteds, then you should stop reading now. but official came correctly with these dope painters caps. all available now at the official online store

like most folks im sure, you snoozed on this foreign family “party naked” snap back. now dont you feel bad? snoozer. dont graphic on the front and underbill. check. good shit dudes. im even more excited about foreign family now knowing i can rock 7 3/4 with a little help. come to me beautiful foreign family fitteds…

via their twitter. leaders 1354 released a sneak peek at their 5 panels that they have coming out soon. keep on killin it fellas.

not really sure how i feel about drake. i know folks are all over dude, especially lately, but im just not sure yet. definitely diggin the track “Think Good Thoughts” tho. maybe cause it’s produced by 9th wonder and has elzhi of of slum village fame and phonte of little brother. found this track via fwmj and his blog rappers i know

and seeing as how jamie and i are gonna see the clipse this friday @ sneaker pimps. i figured i’d post their new video for “kinda like a big deal” by the clipse featuring kanye west. that beat is bangin!

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  • Jeff

    9th Wonder DESTROYS it on that new Wale mixtape (even though I don’t really think it’s a mixtape, but more of a collection of tracks)…

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