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It’s been entirely toooooo long since Jamie♥ and I went back to New York, so despite this being a super quick getaway, it was pretty nice. It’s also been ridiculously long since I posted on here, hope you haven’t forgotten me just yet!


We arrived at 5am, so we were dead tired. We didn’t know Batman (pictured above) lived at Daniel’s place. This posed a problem because Jamie is super allergic to cats. After trying for an hour or so to deal, we had to get out and our stay in Brooklyn turned from 2 days into 2 hours. To the city we went!

So Jamie, Daniel and I hopped on a train and headed to mid-town where Jamie and I found a hotel room to stay at that was reasonable. Frickin cheaper than a few places in Brooklyn.

That place ended up being the Park South Hotel. Cool little place, that I’d definitely recommend and may use again. Only weird thing is that our room was on a half floor. After we got off the elevator, we had to take like 12 steps down. Odd.

After bumming around the room for a bit and munching on bagels, we headed out the door to explore this tiny town.

Tried hitting up the 9/11 Memorial, not knowing that you had to have reservations and there were specific time slots.

So we got the bootleg view.

Did some more walking around, taking goofy pics and eating before we ended up in Soho for some shopping time.

Got to hit up the Uniqlo and a bunch of other small shops.

Got to check out the Vans x DQM shop and a Kiwi shot down Daniel’s dreams of sneakerdom.

Finally Hip does not endorse dolphins raping people.

After tons and tons of more walking, we decided to throw down on some lechon and tapas at Agozar! and it was pretty good. Had to slam our food and drinks because of a reservation but still good times.

The Plan was to head back out to Brooklyn to meet up with some affiliates but they bailed. Lucky for Jamie and I, Steven and Jon came through and we hit up Employees Only. Not only were the drinks awesome but the food was daaaammmnnn good too.

Forgot how it felt to stay up til 4am. Jamie got a nap in before we went out, so she was awake. Too awake.


So after grabbing a mandetory bagel…

Daniel met up with Jamie, Jon and I to prove that Daniel and Jon are indeed friends. We’ve known Daniel for years through Jon but have NEVER hung out with both of them at the same time. Surprised the Earth didn’t implode.

While walking around randomly talking and looking, we saw a Green Bay Packers fan in the wild… scary…

Jamie and I eventually broke off from Daniel and Jon. Daniel had a football game to catch (Bears are on a bye) and Jon had to catch a flight to North Carolina. So so so so good to see these guys.

In all the times I’ve been to New York, I’ve never got to go up the Empire State Building. Jamie was down to check it out again in her adulthood, so up we went!

The Views are frickin amazing…

Here’s Jamie Tweeting/Instagraming. Techy nerds. =)

Seriously. I caught myself gasping for air at times. To be up that high and in the open. Feeling the wind. It’s a crazy feeling.

Until a little touchy Asian kid comes up behind you…

With all these awesome visuals around us…

Nothing beats seeing this woman next to me. :)

Some more random walking. The New York Public Library is a beautiful building. The Art Institute of Chicago’s Lions got these lions faded though.

Now this is kinda crazy and random. After watching Nonito Donaire fight last night, Jamie and I randomly ran into him at a Zara. If you don’t know who he is, get learnt on The Filipino Flash! Super cool cat and the dude is sick with the counters!

After some more wandering, we ended up at the HUGE Uniqlo at 53rd and 5th. This place is a fuckin madhouse! I got me some $9.90 jeans tho =)

After another failed attempt at meeting up with Brooklyn folks, I got to sit across this lady for a nice BBQ dinner at Blue Smoke/Jazz Standard.

Me being creepy…

The BBQ was ok but luckily for me the company was much better.

Then we headed back to the bay with a TINY stop home. You can see the Sears Tower. Yes, Sears. Not Willis.

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