#ChicagoPeacePin Project from Stuyvesant on Vimeo.


With over 700 murders this year in Chicago, the city has sadly become one of the most violent places in the country. Finding a way to end this overwhelming loss of life has perplexed both city government and community members. In an attempt to provide a creative solution, a group of Chicago artists have created a wearable pin that they hope will become a symbol for change.


CHICAGO,Illinois - November 17, 2016 - Jamielyn Costes Odiamar, Bryan Odiamar (aka Peabe) and Jon Stuyvesant are childhood friends and creatives that grew up in Chicago.  They no longer live in the city, but in light of the overwhelming amount of violence that has overtaken their hometown they felt compelled to offer up a creative response.  The team created a small designer lapel pin they are calling the #chicagopeacepin, which they will sell and in turn donate  all the profits to anti-violence organizations in the city.


“In August I read an article in the Tribune about how 25 people were shot in a 14 hour period in Chicago and it made me incredibly upset and angry.  I emailed the article to Peabe and Jamie.  We began lengthy discussions over the next few months on how we could respond. From those discussions came the pin project” - Jon Stuyvesant


Our goal:

We wanted to create a visual symbol people could wear, as a catalyst for conversation and one way to support those actively working to make change in the city we grew up in and love.


A limited first run of the #chicagopeacepin is currently available in select stores in the Chicagoland area and online at For more info - please contact Jamielyn Costes Odiamar, Bryan ‘Peabe’ Odiamar or Jon Stuyvesant.


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